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Our Team

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Fiona Drewbrook


Fiona completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology and Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia. Fiona’s treatment philosophy is centred around strong communication, empathy, and taking a client-centered approach, adapting treatment to meet each client’s specific needs. She uses a combination of manual therapy, individualized exercise, and education to empower clients and help them better understand their body. Fiona has a background in ballet, and when not in the clinic, you can find her mountain biking, skiing, and camping in the Sea to Sky corridor. She looks forward to applying her passion for movement in helping others get back to doing what they love most. 

Will Yan

MPT, BHkin, IMS, Acupuncture, ISM

Will obtained his Master of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney after obtaining a Bachelors of Human Kinetics from UBC. For over 10 years, he has gained experience in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Will has a particular clinical interest in treating neck pain and headaches. Will believes in educating patients about what is happening to their body as well as why it is happening. He uses a combination of education, manual therapy, exercise to help patients achieve the best results. He is also trained to use dry needles for acupuncture and Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS). Will believes there is no one approach that works for everyone and that treatment should be specific to each person. In his spare time you will find him playing hockey, working out or goofing off with his kids. Will speaks Cantonese and basic Mandarin.

Registered Massage Therapy
Viktoriya Mazyavina

Viktoriya has graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy with Honours. She has gained an in-depth understanding and strong knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. This has allowed her to better understand patients’ needs, find the best solution to their concerns and help with their general body wellness. She is passionate about educating patients through her home care and sharing fun facts about the human body. She has treated a variety of conditions including headaches, frozen shoulder, severe muscle atrophy, knee injuries, pregnancy, overall muscle tightness/soreness and more. She has experience working with vulnerable families at Ronald McDonald House, seniors at Westerleigh Parc retirement home, individuals with intellectual disabilities at The Summit and more. Her favourite techniques to use during treatments are myofascial release, joint mobilization and PNF stretching. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family, especially with her niece and nephew. She loves to travel, get out of her comfort zone and try new things. As a former gymnast, Viktoriya would like to learn more about yoga and incorporate it with massage therapy in the near future.

Harlene Grewall

Harlene grew up in Burnaby/New Westminster and has played hockey and ringette her whole life. Her passion for helping the community and being active has led her to pursue a career as a Registered Massage Therapist. Harlene graduated from the 3200-hour RMT program at Langara College. She strongly believes that massage therapy can prove to be an excellent tool to help patients improve their quality of life.

Rebecca Costa

Rebecca graduated from the West Coast College of Massage therapy with Academic Excellence. She is passionate about helping people find relief from pain, injury, and stress, and believes massage therapy can be a vital part of maintaining one’s optimal health. In her off hours, Rebecca is usually spending time with her dog. She also enjoys yoga, dance, books, and video games.

Ken headshot
Ken Karasawa

Ken graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy where he was recognized on the Dean’s List and the Clinical Distinction List for outstanding academic and clinical practice. He has experience treating clients with various conditions such as sports injuries, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, injuries to the central and peripheral nervous systems, and whiplash. Growing up, Ken participated in many sports and trained competitively in baseball throughout middle school and high school. As a young athlete, he experienced various sports injuries and discovered massage therapy as one of the most effective modalities in relieving his muscle stress, tension, and pain. With this in mind, he became an RMT to help others optimize their health so they can engage in the activities they love. To achieve this, Ken utilizes multiple techniques in his treatment including General Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Release, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Release, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Muscle Energy Technique, Passive and Active Stretching, and Active Strengthening. He performs thorough assessments of his clients in order to customize treatment plans that meet clients' goals and needs. Presently, Ken stays active by biking, hiking, running, and going to the gym. He also plays volleyball and baseball recreationally, and enjoys reading in his spare time. Given his active lifestyle, Ken has a special interest in sports injuries and hopes to continue to grow his skills in this area.

Sepid Sharaf

Sepid is a registered massage therapist who was passionate about this career for many years and she got the chance to learn it professionally and academically when she immigrated to Canada. She graduated from Vancouver career college. Throughout her time in school, she developed a passion for helping people in pain and discomfort by applying specific massage techniques supported by her advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, she has a strong skill set in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular techniques, as well as Swedish massage. Sepid respects and supports all individuals with any gender identity and sexual orientation and provides a welcoming safe space for them so they can benefit from massage. She not only uses her skills to help reduce pain and improve overall functional performance, but also educates her patients on their condition, and gives them specific homecare to prevent them from reinjury. Sepid loves to see the world and get to know different cultures. she enjoys spending her spare time singing, writing her music, reading books, family gatherings, and appreciating nature. She speaks English and Farsi fluently.

Heather Caldwell

Heather graduated in 2018 from Vicars School in Calgary and began practicing in BC in 2022. Taking a therapeutic approach to massage, she works with clients to understand their needs and develop effective treatment plans, addressing the body systematically to get to the core of issues, and integrate mind and body. Heather works with clients at all life stages and all levels of health and fitness, whether preparing for competition, or getting back into it after a time away. Experience with neck and jaw issues, whiplash, muscle tears and spasm, all stages of pregnancy, hip and knee function, and a multitude of back issues, from scoliosis to kyphosis to postural strain. When not at the clinic, Heather spends time with her mutt, exploring nature.

Diane Tu


Diane is a UBC HKIN and WCCMT alumni. She has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 10 years. Diane has treated a wide range of injuries and ailments from Whiplash to Ankle sprains. She has particular interest in the shoulder and TMJ issues.

Whether you’re an office worker or athlete, Diane believes massage therapy is essential to one’s overall wellbeing. Her main goal is to relieve pain and educate patients on long term solutions so they can get back to living the life they love.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-05 at 20.32.54_cdb370c0.jpg
Alireza Mooskhani


Ali is a dedicated professional with extensive expertise in kinesiology. He holds dual master's degrees, with his initial specialization in exercise physiology from the University of Tehran, followed by his second master's degree earned at McGill University. With a focus on enhancing athletic performance and preventing injuries, Ali's career took root while working closely with professional athletes, particularly swimmers. He excels in the rehabilitation of injuries and the development of tailored preventive exercise programs. His commitment to improving performance conditioning is evident in his work. Ali enjoys the outdoors, hiking, swimming in open water, and camping. During his downtime, Ali values time with his family and friends or workouts in the gym. For over a decade, Ali continues his passion for sports by coaching youth swimming teams and working as a conditioning trainer and kinesiologist.

Anastasiia Abramov


Anastasiia graduated from University of British Columbia in 2019 where she received her Bachelor’s of Kinesiology. During her studies at UBC, in order to have a better understanding of her profession, she volunteered at ICORD Centre as a treadmill assistant for patients with spinal cord injuries and at St. Vincent’s Hospital Langara as an elderly balance class assistant. After her graduation from UBC, she got certifications in ‘Integrative Movement System Foundations’, ‘NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1’ and ‘Concussion Works Management’. Currently, she is particularly interested in the nervous system and how it communicates to the body. Her main goal is to help her clients to return to activities they love to do with confidence and without fear. She believes that body is very adaptable and resilient to any movements and loads with the right approach. Anastasiia was born in Ukraine, and moved to China when she was 10. Therefore, she can happily assist you in Russian and Chinese. In her free time, she loves dancing, skiing, exploring nature and of course eating lots of delicious Asian food.

Lin (Linda) Chen

Registered Acupuncturist

Lin (Linda) Chen, master degree of Acupuncture from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been engaged in clinical work of traditional Chinese medicine for more than ten years. She is experienced in treating insomnia, depression, dizziness, Bell’s Palsy, asthma, rhinitis, dysmenorrhea and chronic digestive issues. In addition to the application of traditional acupuncture, she is also skilled in modern technique- fu’s subcutaneous acupuncture needling, an effective and safe treatment of the cervical pain and movement restrictions, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, tendinitis, lower back pain, sport injuries. It can effectively relieve the myofascial tension to improve the movement of qi and blood, and promote the recovery of human body's own function.

Nouh Turki

Osteopathic practitioner

Nouh graduated from University of Monastir in Tunisia with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. In 2011,. Nouh then moved to Canada to continue his education in Manual Osteopath Therapy at the Institute of Osteopathy in Montreal, Quebec, graduating in 2015. He is currently a member of Osteopathy BC Association

In the past 4 years, Nouh has been working as a manual osteopath therapist widely focusing on the assessment and treatment of disorders of the body’s structure. Whether it is related to the pelvis, peripheral joints, visceral organs, nervous systems, venous system or spines, Nouh genuinely believes as a therapist, the body’s efforts to restore itself naturally and gently to optimal health is by osteopathic manipulation and one-on-one level of care.

During his spare time Nouh enjoys travelling, spending time with family and friends. He speaks English, French and Arabic.

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